The Soundtrack To A Glamorous Goodbye by A18

Dead flowers for a dead heart
I love you more when you've got nothing left to lose
black dress for a black soul
you love me back because you've got nothing better to do
remedy for a sick life
push the needle vein deep until the venom forces out a smile
cold hand upon a cold face
you're so glamorous and I'm glad you never said goobye
fooled by your smile
but I don't buy your lie
wear words in the worst way
every sound you release is a testament of deceit
rotate and refuse truth
circumnavigate and the cycle is now complete
a cracked mirror for a closed eye
I wish you luck trying to see what will never be
shattered wrist holds a broken dream
you bear fruitless of any hope of trying to reach me
dream a little dream
but not of me
sleep tight
prepare yourself for the next big collapse
blanket in the fragile
put you out of your misery
I'd thought you'd never ask
condone disgust as you seal your fate
darkness forever just as much in a day.

Song writer(s): Isaac Golub, Michael Gavin Hartsfield, Thomas RStretton Jr

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