The Thanks I Get by Ceo Trayle

Ayy, they might think C4 from the home of the Braves (The A, skrrt)
(Mash Billi want no milli')
(Where you from, C4?)

They might think C4 from the home of the Braves (The A)
They might think C4 from the 'Raq with a K (Chiraq)
They might think C4 from the Ham, seen C4 on the 'Gram (The 'Gram)
Chop a brick, my bare hands, I can't switch on my mans
I can't snitch, that's on nan', ayy, fuck 12, get ya blammed
How the fuck can you tell? We seen you in that room on cam
PTSD from these shootouts, get a Glock 'cause these don't jam
When I found out I lost Rexkless, I was like damn (Fuck)
Bitch, I got a real dream, I don't wanna trap or scam
Man, these niggas do not know me, I don't wanna dap his hands
Man, thesе niggas ain't wanna help me, won't ask for help again
And that's on my folks (Nigga, what thе fuck?)
Ayy, I just be going ghost until I'm straight (I'm straight)
I be 'round these niggas, but I still should smoke this to the face
I never downed these niggas, it's a marathon, it ain't a race
If I can do it, you can do it, that's what I tell these niggas, but they so funny
They ready to cross me out or get up under me 'cause I spend money
That shit ain't genuine, they envying, that fake love, I don't want it
I bet you thought I'd cross you, won't it? (What?)
You my dog, not my opponent (For sure)
I don't tax my niggas for nothing, I don't ask my niggas for shit
Everything I do be from the heart, but this the thanks I get
Sometimes I just can't believe, I get fried off the weed (Fried)
Might sound crazy, but it's real, it's just love that I need (L-O-V-E)
I was up takin' care of my blood, I was down, I watched you leave (You left)
Now I just substitute these feelings with these 30s and OPs (Substitute)
I just substitute my tears with my voice, hear me bleed (Substitute)
I just substitute my fears with my lil' boy, my light green (Substitute)
Red and purple, we don't like green (Like green)
Real deal hurt you for my team (My team)
If you green, then you green (What?)
I won't bully, won't be mean (For sure)
Ayy, I swear this shit be hurting me to my soul, ayy
Since them seven shots, now I can't leave without my pole
Ayy, nobody ask me what C4 go through, nobody knows (Nobody knows)
Pop a Perc' and doze (Doze), get lost in my songs (I'm gone)
Let me get back in my zone
I appreciate the niggas that be there for me (Appreciate that shit)
I appreciate the bitches that all care for me (I swear)
2020, I gotta do this shit for C4 selfishly (C4)
'Cause I done gave so much, ain't got shit back like they don't care for me (Like what the fuck?)
Roll this smoke up, baby, put that in the air for me, ayy (Put that up)
Might be local, but I'm global, got the world to see (Global)
Staring in the mirror at myself, I don't know what I see (Bitch, CEO)
It be some long nights and early mornings, I won't go to sleep (No, I can't sleep)
You can call me Backdoor, my feelings always wrapped up (They wrapped)
Ayy, my dogs in heaven, but when I'm in that Demon, 12 can't catch up (Skrrt)
The strongest nigga I know, play with C4, gon' get you wrapped up (Get you wrapped up)
Ayy, these niggas ain't playing fair, so we want smoke and we can't match up (For sure)

Song writer(s): CEO Trayle

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