There It Is by Dez & Nobs

I'm not a confrontational person
Dez? I haven't really heard of him
Fuck if you heard of me even if yall get me
Cause I been chillin' for a minute like Walt Disney
And got more presence than dudes who crawl chimneys
I put that on the trouble t rug it is smallbility
You like yeah I know Dez but you don't know shit
My bitch name is Dan, I rap, that's my hope it's crisp
It's more than limited edition kicks at through the roof retails

We's about to school you females like the cruel tutelage of Pai Mei
But it makes sure you crew screws they lids on sideways
Because it's more believable when other rhymer's watch
But you should never leave a bull inside a china shop, nah
You put me on smash an I'm gonna break shit man
You better put me on last or I'm take your fans
Like my shit costs ten ducks, this shirt's two
I'm sorry but your friends suck, nothing personal
There it is
I think
I think you should only have one pair of sneakers
Until they like, get all run down and disintegrate off your feet

And at the hands of thine enemy I emingly try getting me like ven aqui
But I ain't tryin' hear it
Unless you provide rental fees some kind of better sleep will drive endlessly for pi-pirates and their supply of neutral spirits

Your doodoo lyrics don't pass where Dez's from
Bukkake hotta kitty what will be when death comes
All up in your grill piece and kill geeks on ill beats until geeks reveal weaknesses
"I'm sorry that my friend's suck"
Yeah me too
"I never realized that I ran with such a weak crew"
But that's okay because you do now, forget that
So what you gonna do now
"Uhh, quit rapping?"
That sounds like such a good plan
"Word dude?"
Pick some other career for you to pursue
Instead of wasting your time and ours too
I went ahead and wrote a whole rhyme just to remind you
There it is
A deviant, what's that?
Dude, I can't quit, what do you want from me?
What do you mean don't be pushy about shit?
When? whore
No, I don't like [?] pancakes with soda
If Nobs came up to me, and called me a whore, while I'm drunk on Jack
Johnny Cash is playing in background
I I can do anything I want to him
I'm I'm a touch bitch
But that's so cliché too though
Like ya know oh let's get a girl to say hey fuck you bitch
I'm gonna kick your ass cause I'm a girl you know what I mean like that's, that's cliché

Song writer(s): Dez

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