Time Trials by Joy Again

[Verse 1]
Too many hopeful rays, I'm broken up like glass
The pieces are glued into someone that's holding back

[Chorus 1]
But just when you forget the rain, it comes down
A thousand times worse than the last time you found
You rose a rouse, stop fooling me, I'm easily deceived
Getting tired of waking up and forgetting all my dreams

[Verse 2]
Sleeping through the only chance you get to go
Now you're enclosed in plastic and foam

[Chorus 2]
Jeez, I don't even know what to think
Spending up all the time drinking from the sink
I sold all my sweetest memories, but kept ones where you were mean
And traded my success while laying in the green

[Chorus 3]
Just stop waiting for something incomplete
Could we count on landin' in the trees?
Little machine inside of me, explain why she reads
As something so complete

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