Tolerate! by Morning Glory

Let me live hard and fast
Let me die young at last
Let me stay by letting me go
Let me love those i don't know

Let me shout and sing along
And let the world now hear my song
Let me question, overstate
Understand and tolerate!

You own your hate
You're owned by the state
Who write the rules
For wise men and fools
The ashes of the constitution cloud the way
As moral rectitude leads common sense astray

The arbitrary laws of man-
Bind my heart if you still can!

Objectify your inner hate and turn it into truth
I used to feel that way sometimes
But mainly as a youth
Of primal instinct all men own an equal stock in hate
There's no primal instinct urging you to tolerate

You're radical
You're sure you're right
For all our sakes
Be wrong tonight

Together bound upon a planet webbed in faiths
Whose proclamations all agree but seem a wraith

A call to arms in a time of peace
I call it on myself to cease

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