Too High by Hamell On Trial

I was too high, and now I'm paying the price
I ain't gonna lie, man it was heavenly nice
I got away, this world was getting to me
Bills I couldn't pay, I know I had to be free
Irrepressible loose a wasted saint in the rain
I stand accused, a year or two of feeling no pain
When I begin, oh you know I can't stop, it was the gin that said, 'Go fight that cop!'
I was too high! I was too high

I was too high, I gave St. Peter a snort, I was heaven denied and so I forged my report. I kicked with the Lord, I blew Gabriel's horn, I grew wings and soared, like Jesus I was reborn. I transcended vision, through a feather down tunnel, crafted with precision, my own gold plated funnel. My throat like a drain, oh my tongue like a shank it was the champagne that said, 'Go rob that bank'
I was too high, I was too high

Like Dante was cursed I descended to hell. Was it different than earth? Man I was too high to tell. Basing coke in the flames, heard the agony of souls, I felt my dreams turned from diamonds to coal. Lucifer and I oh we laughed til we burned, I wanted to die, I guess it's all lessons learned, all I ingested, I guess you can't drown your grief, and then the vodka said, 'Take out the commander and chief!' I was too high, I was too high!

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