Trapped Dreams by Montell Fish

Lord, I need help
I need help
From You

[Verse 1]
It's taxing to sleep at night
I ain't tryin' to be nappin' in this
Wanna know i'm walkin' upright
I ain't tryin' be sacrilegious
Let's just [?] up in this
Don't get snapped up in this
World, it's a war
And I know I'm called to be a captain in this
I wanna know Your love better than anything
I wanna feel Your pains
In here, angels shout and sing
I don't wanna doubt my King
I just wanna shout and sing
Swimming waves of living water
Dive and take Your fountain drinks
Tell them all about You in the valley and the field
And preach Your gospel everywhere because Your love can heal
Every single muscle, tendon, bone, I don't care
I just wanna scream and tell the people, "Finally, God is here
He has everything that you're searching for"
We're made for so much more than all these drinking bars
And that's just the littlest things that He can change
That's why I gotta make a change
And get out this dream

Lord, I need help
I need help
From You

Sometimes life just gets really hard for me
And I tend to question myself
I ask God, "Am I really living righteous?
Am I fully surrendered to You?
It is a Christ that I have?
Am I deceived
In any way, shape, and form?
God, do You really love me, how deep is Your love?
I need to know
I wanna know"

Song writer(s): Montell Fish

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