Trophy by Lexy Panterra

Me and u a fucking clear view

I gleam I glistened
I'm really fucking bright
You wanna show me off in the middle of the night
Yea I'm ew
I catch all their attention
U kinda getting mad
U kinda getting jelous
U match that shit
You match that shit well too
So when we out
We give a pretty clear view
Excellence at its finest
But Don't cocky
I'll switch it
Call me your hey ness

I'm shy stop
Don't do that
Not in here

Bitch I'm too pretty
Bitch I'm too pretty
Bitch I'm too pretty for you
Bitch him too sexy
Bitch I'm too sexy
Bitch I'm too sexy for you
Sexy my mama nеver lied
She told mе I'm was pretty I believe her every time
So when you come
Come correct
I want your money give me my respect

They tell me not to cuss
But it's my fucking thing
U can not change success
Cause I own the fucking ring
I'm a diamond I shine
I really bling bling
And I am the rarest cut
Engagement type of ting

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