Useless Game by Night Beats

See your son there he's losing his arms now
Hes colder then you know
He's gone now

Ain't it a useless game you're playing?
Ain't it a useless soul you're saving?
Ain't it a godless sun beating on your back
Ain't it a useless soldier, he won't come back

Ain't it a molotov, cocktail gun
And now I move so slow
Better move to run
Well I move myself right in your side
Better you, better all night, all night

Ain't a useless love you're waiting
And it's a useless soul you're chasin
Ain't it a godless sun bеating on my back
Ain't it s useless goal, in your tracks, no

That old boy you know he lost his mind
Bеfore he lost his soul
Well he's gone now
He ain't gone
Oh he ain't leavin

Song writer(s): Night Beats, Danny Lee Blackwell
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