Vampirella Freestyle by Jclay

Yeah unh
This got that bass to beat the block
I'm on that block to blaze the beat
Don't bring that weak you get defeated
Not from me cuz to beef is too beneath
Can't reach when you carry what you bury
Too week can't leap like February
Rarely will you catch me on the weary
Path past what the present brings to every

Wit the cherry on top
Ima pop
Like a doc when I op
Make em rock
Make it hot
Make it stop
Not never
Will I let up
Cuz I'm at another level where it's mellow
And I blessing all the devils
Man you blessing all the devils

Well if, angels can fall
Then devils can rise
And you contribute to the reboot of the son in the sky
And things'll never be dark cuz the sun in yo eye
Unless you value what is dark because there's somewhere to hide
Ay, but you must like trouble
Living to die like you stuck in a bubble, bukup
Pre-made grave no shovel
Each moment is unique, no doubles
Coupled with the fact that we backtrack
Flashback missing where we at when we at that
Ready to react like a trashbag
Take whatever's thrown
Make a throne
Call it home
Say you grown
While you foam
Am I wrong

One, don't run from where come from
Two, there is no truth that can be undone
Three, when you add peace, you will become sum
Four, there is no war or no conundrums
Five, make em LIVE live make em live LIVE like
Six, be that witness from the inside like
Seven, be the reverend lead to revelations
JClay ate, faith leads to reparations ay

But you focused on the money
Or lack thereof so you focused on the nothing
Ha, the never ending story's never funny
When you feeling bashed in say Jelani
Or JClay aka
Mr. Wake wake wake
Betta drape that cape and be fly like fey
Why you ain't, why you wait
You ain't bound by no mistakes
Take me, I'm shy but I'm chilling in the H'
Heavenly, web revenue from melodies
Before I let go, thanks Frankie Beverly
I'm playful thankful grateful graceful every
Day, I can't fake take breaks I'm readily
Available, relatable undebatable
If superman suits a man
Shoot I'm capable
That line right there's re-playable
It goes beyond saying I'm irreplaceable

It still got beat left
Let me get this right
I still got heat left
Bro get this knife you still got meat left
Man I'm so life I shall not eat death
Man I'm so life I shall not see death
Man I'm so light I shall not seek else
But you just like me
We could be Self
No ish, know this we get to be helped

I spit bars with a key
If you ask me, you can say I spit frees
Make you go nuts, spit deze
You get what you give, so I shall not mislead
Many pro'ly saying we is dumb
But I'm saying everything has wisdom
And everything you wanna do is done
So don't stress yo self, that's dumb, hol up
Ay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, hol up
Ay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Shout out to Vampirella
To Vampirella
Vampirella on the beat
Shout out Vampirella
On the beat

Song writer(s): Jelani Robert Clay
Official Jclay website:

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