Veggie Beat Manifesto by Consolidated

"Guys, great concert, but once you started showing all those pigs and cows getting killed, you bummed me out a little bit. I don't think you should do that right in the middle of the concert"

"I started dancing and stuff, all of a sudden, you started showing all these animals getting killed, and I got really bummed out, and I couldn't dance any more, you know what I mean?"

"Someone is asking if you are vegetarian? [repeated in French]"
"Yes, we are."

"Give me the mic. This is - we are here to stand for animal rights because I like animals."

"Vegetarianism is about peace. However, the time that we live in isn't very peaceful. So, uh, basically what I want to say is: if you're into vegetarianism, let people know. You can't just be passive and peaceful and go, 'Oh, I'm down for animal rights, I'm vegetarian,' stuff like that. Show people what you believe in, and, uh, throw a brick through a window once in a while."

"[Foreign language?] Carol Adams' book 'The Sexual Politics of Meat' [Foreign language?]"

"Those of you that hate vegetarians and go against those who don't eat meat: I work as a butcher. Wouldn't you really like to know what's in your meat?"

"Just think about using and eating animals. You are murder. If you eat animals, you are murder. Thank you."

"Animals' lives and people's lives are the same. Don't put people or animals through suffering for yourself. It's selfish."


"Sorry, I just want to call on you just not stop eating meat, but stop drinking milk and stop using cheese, because it's suffering for little animals. Milk is for little cows and not for human beings."

"So I told her, please go and bite her, eat him like this."

"I think it's great that y'all are, like, promoting vegetarianism, but I think that when you inform people, you should also let them know that the dairy industry is just as bad as meat."
"I'm a vegetarian. [Cheers] What's up! Fuck ,that's exactly the kind of shit, because you have to think about vegetarianism. I think mass production of meat is the most horrible thing. It's like concentration camps. FUCK!! This is - I don't want that!"

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