Where's It At by Funkdoobiest

[Verse 1: Tomahawk Funk]
I'm a give you this, yeah give you this
Groove on the point, yeah I'm in the joint
Stalkin' ya, hawkin' ya
The tribal funkster
Clingin' to you the fly track that's funky
Styles a flow get release, deliver it
Yes I am takin' off with the rhythm
Don't violate
You're gonna hate my you know what stuff
You know what plays Tomahawk, the good hit
Get lit off the doobie funk
I'll flow with the motion
The groove's got me runnin' in
Flowin' on, break it up, choose it, the Doobie feels
No joke, no holds, yeah we flow like a river
Shiv a punk sucker and tell me where it's at

Where's it at y'all? Where's it at?
Where's it at y'all? Where's it at?
Where's it at y'all? Where's it at?
Where's it at?

[Verse 2: Son Doobie]
It's the Funkdoobiest no we're thelonius
Heads fight hooligan, punk so [??]
Danger, stranger, fuck a lone ranger
Punk it's my major, I'll make a wager
Beats for the axe G, tease the Apache
Darling no match G, ain't the hood cab G
Or hop on my saddle, hear my beats rattle
Tattle, runnin' oh ha why in the battle
I ride the rhythm like a stallion
I snatch medallions, I'm no Italian
Cause it's the weekin' who does all the speakin'
One tribal funkster who freaks it every weekend
T I got your tomahawk axe
I wait for them to step then tell me where it's at

[Verse 3: Son Doobie]
I'll Tomahawk ya, stalk ya
Spark a peace pipe, T-Funk is the main type
I kick the right joint, I'm always on point
Ya step punk yo he'll kick your groin
Then I'll tackle ya, I'm spectacular
Funk Dracula, I rock like Metallica
Better bro, they say I'm incredible
Nat King Cole, label says I'm unforgettable
Chief Rocker, not a witch doctor
Feel ya like soccer, coolin' out the locker
Here's the scalpel, stay out my war path
Step punk and tell me where it's at


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