Wings by Ramin Karimloo

She tilts her head down to the right
Staring blindly in the night
Numb by what's prevailed
Liminating lifts the veil (??)

She talks about letting go
From this earth as a whole
Her head is heavy and she's scared
Feeling lost and unprepared
So I reassure
She is loved for her
She had a heart full of love
Like an angel from above
Sad enough her wings were clipped
Now the pattern torn and ripped
Her friends surround to give hеr strength
She tries to keep mе at arms length
She needs some time to think things through
And there's nothing i could do
So i reassure
She is loved for her

Now she can rise above
'Cause she is blessed with love
And she can spread her wings
And see what life will bring

Three is on and I called her up
Wondering if she bought that pup
Thats what she said she'd always do
The love she gave it gave her too

So now the story has an end
Her heart may beat and maybe mend
And I'd have to come to terms
On my own I can affirm
So i reassure
She is loved for her

Song writer(s): Hadley Fraser, Ramin Karimloo
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