With Hands Tied by 7 Birches

Turn on the news to see the fire raging down 8th street
I watch in horror as the flames don't seem to recede
Scattered loved ones break down, falling to their knees
The visions that I see make it hard to believe
There's nothing I wouldn't give to take your place instead
Please get these painful thoughts, right out of my head
This cannot be the end, will I see you again
I won't let this end, I swear I'll see you again

Sitting and waiting leaves me feeling helpless
I'd do anything to save you from this
No way of knowing if you're safe and sound
My vision blurs and my heart pounds
Will you be coming home tonight
You've always been one to put up a fight
But what if this is really where it ends
what if this is really where it ends

You see these kinds of things on the news
But you never think they'll impact you
But when tragedy hits you so close to home
The feelings you get are something that can't be shown
Never take another second for granted
Our lives grew from the seeds we planted
Never waste time to mend our wounds
Because who knows if this is the last time that I'll see you
I feel fear and doubt in my heart and in my mind
If you're gone forever I would feel blind
I wouldn't see the world as beautiful as I did before
Because your loss would hit me at my core

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