Wonder by Caron Wheeler

As I travel near or far
I find the question people ask
Is can I tell them how you are
It seems they think of us as two
Joined together by a tune
Though I've not seen you in a while
You bring a smile
As I look back over
And I

Wonder, yes I
Wonder when I
Wonder, how you are, as I
Wonder, when I
Wonder, always
Wonder, how you are

I remember you and I
When we've not seen eye to eye
Has to sit and talk it through
We've both grown in many ways
Guess I love you feel no way
Leave the bad and move on through
Tomorrow's ours to sing a new song
And I

Wonder yes I
Wonder when I
Wonder how you are
Wonder how you are

Well you can tell 'em everything is just fine
Cos you're as precious as a vintage wine
I remember the look in your eye
Was about 89 and gee how time flies
Well we kept on movoing even through the bad times
And I'm glad


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