Xenophobia by Dez & Nobs

[Pat Robertson]
Okay nod your head if you're with me. Cause I know I'll get phone calls during the week saying pastor's preaching hearsay and believes the anti-Christ is gonna come out of New York

Metroid was a bitch. Straight up
Yo Nobs, let me borrow your phone. I need to talk to [?] son

I got a plot to assassinate Pat Robertson
Because there's only so much truth that you can listen ta
A real G holding a pair of scissors which symbolizes the insignia
Give me a guinea pig in today's results I'll create the scapegoat draped in cloaks and place my vote for the ancient conversatin' spoken blatant boastly raise the toast now drink up
From pimp cup for the bible class are no caskets
Synced up
Ring up your records then-n-count your cash drawers
We doin' record numbers like it's God's last tour
For the contract's forged so I skip the payment process
Stuffed my bullet-proof wallet back in my nickel plated pocket
And had a ripple effect on your trickle down economy
Now I'm [?] up from the real estate from the first martian colony
Roanld B Macing Donald putting earthworms in your horse meat
With antidisestablishmenttarianisticly endorsed speech
As they pry the aborted fetus from the stork's beak
And gently rest the glistening new born corpse at your feet
And force feed you free radicals as homing signals
But your very own blinking blink on the grid they can always get to
And so they get you so they get you but only if you oppose the issues of the oval [?]
So maybe Gabriel won't invade you and xenophobe's won't enslave you
And make you believe there's no such shit as the hopes you pray to
There's a fire in the sky so stick a needle in your eye
And further perpetuate the lie while the disease is eating you alive

All these thoughts they do trouble so
And I have fears that I can not let go
All these thoughts they do trouble so
And I have fears that I can not let go

Ethnic cleansings
Imaginary versus actual
Pop culture pop art
Just cause your paranoid doesn't mean their not after you
Jesus Christ Allah saves
See I have proof parable
Not imperial or clerical
Yet and still you insist on questioning faith
What about the bowl of germs?
I heard that

Don't you know what God says
Don't you know what God says
There's no room in heaven for filth like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez
So how many necks will your symbols of freedom [?] and squeeze
Cause either youza uppity little Uncle Tom like Allen Keys or you drown at sea
Maybe they'll cut you down from trees for fucking the master's daughter
See I'm just deconstructing the master's order
A Monican on a mission murdering good children
Cause what they doesn't know this shit probably could kill them
So father your honor students while their stealth bombers hover
They should have put L. Ron Hubbard on the Deltron cover
Cause science is your god and Jesus is a has-been
Elijah Muhammad was a dead-beat polygamist fiending for a lap dance
To advance to some next level you've actually convinced yourself
That it's anything other than cancer cell versus splinter cell [?] earth is in for sale
Bitch pay the ransom and hand over your leaders
Before we chemically implant the Manchurian sleeper
And then I'll take the indy 500 to your 700 Club in a rented cumber-bun and proudly present my newly invented wonder drug

[Pat Robertson]
There will be terrible times in the last days
And we are in the period the Bible calls the last days
People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money
Hopeful, proud, abusive
Disobedient to their parents
Ungrateful, unholy
Without love, unforgiving, scandalous
Without self-control, brutal
Not lovers of the good
Treacherous, crass, conceited
Lovers of pleasure that were then lovers of God
Having a form of godliness but denying it's power, have nothing to do with them

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Song writer(s): Dez

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