You're The Boss by Jamie Lenman

[Jamie Lenman and Paul McGaan]
James booth
Don't you ever hang up on me again
I can't do this Bill, you can't call me on the bad phone, are you out of your fucking mind?
This is, I'm having the worst night of my life and its your fault
Stay the fuck away from me
I won't say this again Jimbo, you hang that phone up, it stays hung up
Now what happened?
It's all over for me Bill. (It's all over for me Bill.)
You can't help me
Who the fuck is that?
She can't help you Jimbo, only I can help you
And you are fucked, and she is fucked and I am fucked and I cannot be fucked
Now pull the phones out and tell me why you're blubbing
Fuck off! (Fuck off!)
Fine, blow your nose and pull the phones out
Tell me what happened, because I am tired
It is your fault, you won't feel guilt, will you? I killed someone
Were they alone?
Jim? Were they alone?
Yes. Yes. She was homeless
She had a shopping trolley with all her things in blue plastic bags
It happened just around the corner, there are cameras all along there
Ahh that's good. Cameras are easier than people
Oh I hate you Bill
I fucking hate you
I don't care
You're always thinking about whether people like you
I never cared if anyone liked me ever. I don't need it
You care what people think about you, you can't make the decisions you need to make
Don't forget you work for me, you work for me, you great skinny stick of shit!
I think you better unsay that. (Better unsay that.)
Right now. If I put this phone down, its all over for you
There's no one in the country who'd like to stick the knife in more than me
I'm very sorry Bill
You're not skinny. You're in the best shape of your whole life
You're great. Just, I'm just jealous
You've got a better body than me
Say the three little words
Say what?
Say them
You're the boss?
Say it again
You're the boss

Song writer(s): Duncan Wellaway

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